Xtreme Trax Race Track Categories

Parts for all cars that can be raced, repaired and/or fixed can be ordered.

Please Note

All Wing cars are 1/24 scale.
Flexis and Super Flexis: All 16Ds, Super 16Ds Wasps Hawks all types of Flexi motors.
All Super 16ds or 16ds motors. They are of 1/32 size.
Scalectrix and Carrera areĀ 1/32 scale slot cars.
SlotIT, SCX cars and the like can also run.
All 1/24 plafit, scaleauto slotwork can all be raced as well at XtremeTrax.
All retro and CanAm cars either, scratch built, or JK chassis.
All car parts can be ordered Cars can be rebuilt from Scaletrix right through to GR7 opens.
There are 3 tracks for 1/32 cars and one full commercial track for race cars.
FJ sedans and utes MJK chassis are scratch built cars.